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Paul Laine (Poison, Scorpions, Danger Danger), a legend in the music business, was drawn to RH2 and produced their debut EP, Yuk Fu, which was made available on all platforms and on CD. Their breakthrough song, “Self-Made Man,” received widespread radio airplay in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia as a gritty protest song denouncing the avarice of the wealthy ruling class.

Ron Obvious (Little Mountain Sound Studios with Bob Rock, Loverboy, D.O.A., Bryan Adams, Colin James, Mutt Lange, Spirit of the West) was also drawn to it. The band is about to release “I Ain’t Dead Yet,” a brand-new song.

Rock group Rebel Heart (RH2) is from Vancouver Island, and their music is comparable to a night out at the bar with Tom Waits and John Mellencamp, Steve Earle, and Axl Rose. Staking out a diverse range of rock musical terrain, RH2 develops a contemporary blues sense that can only be provided to fans of outstanding live music who like parties, tailgating, and barbecuing by time and experience as classic hard rockers.

The sharp vocals, crushing bass, and powerful, crunchy guitars of RH2 are laced-up for a fight with the classic elements while yet maintaining a focused, modern sound. It’s difficult to believe the band is made up of five grizzled troubadours when the rhythm section is laying down tight rhythms and the guitar hooks are powerful enough to punch a hole through your chest. RH2’s “raspy and addictive vocals” are complemented with “razor sharp guitars, witty lyrics, and peppy speed,” according to Buzz Music.

Jason Parsons, the author of BE A VOICE, praised our live performance, stating that “their followers were thrilled and wanting more” and that “you guys have a terrific way of connecting with the crowd and touching them with rock & roll.

The next year, they were touring the south coast of British Columbia, appearing as a featured artist at the Five Acre Shaker and the Whisky Music Fest among acts like Chris Andres, the Boom Boom’s, and Harlequin.

RH2’s music is catchy whether you’re a lover or a fighter; they are outspoken, a little arrogant, and damn-well unrepentant. 40% Rebel 60% Heart!


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What people say?

“…raspy and addicting vocals” with “razor sharp riffs, clever lyrics and upbeat tempo”   
"(The band's) sound is a more modern twist on the Scorpions legendary arrangements and aesthetic. Whether or not you’re a fan of classic rock, these guys are here to stay and it’s easy to see why! I highly recommend you check out the entire album “Yuk Fu”, it’s a refreshing treat from start to finish."